How do I collect a urine sample for the Sexual Wellness Test?

Before You Collect

Before you begin, be sure to read through the instruction pages and make note of the following:

Plan to collect your sample on the same day you are able to ship it out. Do NOT collect and ship your sample on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. 

Your sample must be dropped off before the last USPS pick-up of the day. Drop off the sample in your mailbox or locate your nearest United States Postal Service (USPS) drop-off location by visiting:

Remember, only collect samples on Monday through Thursday, as samples cannot be shipped on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

  1. Expand the urine collection cup fully, by pushing the center. Collect the first stream of urine in the urine collection cup and fill the cup halfway
  2. Uncap collection tube
  3. Fill Transfer Pipette to bottom of the bulb with urine
  4. Transfer urine from the collection cup to the collection tube with the pipette
  5. Place the collection tube in the biohazard bag

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